• Athlete's Foot Introduction


Do you suffer from dry, scaly skin that peels and bleeds easily? Do you have intense itching every time you remove your socks? Are you tired applying over-the-counter ointments that are offering you no relief?

Well then, it is possible that you have a fungal infection called ATHLETE'S FOOT.

But relax! The great news is that Homeopathy has excellent success rate in the treatment of this obstinate condition. Click to jump to Homeopathic Treatment.

Athlete's Foot is a very common fungal infection of the foot. It is known to spread very easily by merely touching the infected skin or walking on contaminated floors and can be acquired in various locations like swimming pools, nail salons, gymnasiums, etc. as well as from infected socks, shoes or clothing. Despite the name, this fungal infection can occur in athletes or non-athletes alike and is considered a very contagious disease.