• Allergies Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests
  • Proper history of symptoms is very important to diagnose if person is suffering from Allergies.
  • Skin prick test: This is a pricking testing where tiny puncture of suspected allergen is punctured into patient's skin. That area is marked with pen and response produced by it is noticed. Depending on the response, diagnosis is made. This test takes short time to diagnose immediate reaction.
  • Patch testing: Adhesives patches are used to identify allergens and their reactions. It is helpful to study delayed reactions as seen in prolong contact with allergen.
  • Blood test: Blood sample is taken to identify multiple allergic substances in patient's blood.
  • Challenge testing: Suspected allergen is introduced in person's body and reaction is monitored. In elimination test person is advised to not eat or drink suspected allergen and changes are observed.