• Allergies Risk Factors

Risk Factors
  • Weak Immunity: People with weak immunity are more likely to suffer from frequent Allergies.
  • Age: Allergies are more common in children especially food allergies.
  • Family history : People with family history of allergies (history of allergy in siblings or parents) are also at higher risk of developing Allergy themselves.
  • Chronic illness : People with chronic illness are also more at risk of allergies.
  • Pregnancy : Pregnant ladies can also get frequent allergic reactions.
  • Smoking : Smoking or tobacco smoke in any form can cause allergy in some people.
  • Stress: High level of prolonged stress can cause Allergic reaction in some people.
  • Environment: People living in industrialized areas are more prone to get allergic reactions. Health care workers are at higher risk of latex allergy. Rubber latex can affect people working in rubber industries.
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