• Acne Vulgaris Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What happens if I stop Homeopathic treatment for my Acne?

    Once the appropriately selected homeopathic medicines have entered your system, your recovery process sets in.

    To get the best results and to make sure the disease does not relapse, Homeopathic treatment should be undertaken for its required course advised by your doctor.

    However, under circumstances where Homeopathy may have to be discontinued, do not worry of any unwanted withdrawal effects.

    Your condition may get better or remain as it is but doesn't worsen unless some external trigger/s have increased.

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  • 2 Are there any foods I should eat/not eat to keep me away from Acne Vulgaris?

    DIET is the chief gate way to the best skin

    • Drink plenty of water, fruit juices and coconut water.
    • Eat lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables.
    • Increase intake of fibre in your diet - Whole grains, bran, oat, green leafy vegetables.
    • Consume diet rich in Vitamin A like liver oils of fish, egg, milk and milk products, meat, kidney and liver. Yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetables and green, leafy vegetables are good sources of carotene that is extremely beneficial for the skin.
    • Increase intake of Vitamin E like wheat germ, whole grain, corns, cereals, pulses, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, olives.
    • Add little turmeric to your food; it is beneficial for your skin.
    • Avoid chocolate, ice-cream, butter, cakes, white bread, sweets and fried food.
    • Avoid fatty, oily food non-vegetarian food.

    Know more about the kind of Diet you can follow. Click on Diet & Nutrition

  • 3 My physician has advised me to get some blood tests done for my Acne to check hormone levels. Are they really required?

    Yes. Certain hormones influence the presence and aggravation of Acne. If your doctor has advised you to take any or all of the following tests, we strongly recommend that you get them done:

    • Thyroid Profile
    • Serum DHEA-S (Dihydroepiandrosterone Sulphate)
    • Serum Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    • Serum Luteinizing Hormone

    Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEA-S) is a steroid hormone produced by adrenal glands which helps to build testosterone levels for males and estrogen levels for females.

    Microbial Culture of skin lesions to know the type of infection can also be advised, but on rare occasions.

  • 4 I have Acne vulgaris. What measures can I take to ease the pimples?

    • Use mild soaps and cleansers and avoid the use of astringent-based products.
    • Use water-based cosmetic creams. Avoid applying heavy make-up and make-up for long periods of time.
    • Washing your face with warm water 2-3 times a day helps to bring down the oiliness of skin.
    • Avoid eating junk foods and foods containing excess oil.
    • Do not touch your pimples, or worse, burst them. This will only spread the infection.
    • Go for Homeopathy. It will eradicate the disease from the roots and prevent recurrence.

  • 5 Does any form of surgical procedure help in the management of Acne Vulgaris?

    Laser therapy is said to show good results for the deep scars left by severe acne.

    If there are any major distortions caused by Acne, reconstructive surgeries can be taken into consideration. If there is a huge abscess, it may require surgical intervention as a final resort.

  • 6 What is the scope of homeopathic treatment in Acne Vulgaris?

    There are more than 120 remedies in Homeopathy for the effective treatment for Acne and each remedy is carefully prescribed based on the characteristics of each individual. Have a look at some of our remedies and the uniqueness of our prescriptions! Click on Homeopathic Treatment For Acne

    Homeopathy gives the favourable results for Acne vulgaris, because it takes into consideration not just the symptoms but also the factors causing the attack that are always unique to every person.

    All the medicines in homeopathic treatment for Acne have been well-proved on healthy human beings.

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  • 7 What are the different treatments available for Acne Vulgaris?

    Conventional physicians generally prescribe antibiotics and vitamin A and E substitutes for Acne vulgaris.

    It is not, however, advisable to continue taking antibiotics for long as they can cause disturbances in the digestive capacity of the body.

    Acne vulgaris is not just a superficial skin ailment. It is a manifestation of the internal disturbance in the body and needs a therapy that works on regaining the inner balance. Homeopathy is one of the best solutions. It will not only eradicate the current episode, but will also prevent recurrence of Acne.

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  • 8 I have Acne Vulgaris since 5 months. What will happen if I don't take any treatment for it?

    Acne vulgaris, if not treated, can become worse over time causing a condition called Acne Fulminans wherein pimples break open and ulcerate and are accompanied by fever, joint pain and muscle pains.

    On the off-chance that the eruptions disappear on their own, they can leave behind visible scars that can cause permanent distortion of the face.

    Chronic acne lowers self-esteem leading to psychological distress like anxiety, depression, social inhibition and even suicidal disposition.

  • 9 How is Acne Vulgaris different from other similar facial skin conditions?

    There are a few skin conditions which might look similar to Acne vulgaris like:

    • Acne rosacea, where there is redness of the facial skin due to dilation of the blood vessels.
    • Angiofibromas which are small, reddish brown or even flesh-colored, smooth, shiny papules present over the sides of the nose and the inner portions of the cheeks.

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  • 10 How long can Acne Vulgaris last in a person once commenced?

    There is no hard and fast rule about the duration of Acne. It all depends on the severity of Acne, age at which it occurs, presence of any pre-existing hormone-modifying disease, diet & lifestyle, etc.

    Acne Vulgaris tends to get naturally better as age advances. However, it is better not to leave anything to chance. The right treatment taken at the right time prevents scarring of the skin as well as scarring of confidence.

  • 11 How would I know if I am actually suffering from Acne Vulgaris? What will be the symptoms of Acne Vulgaris?

    If you are experiencing the symptoms given below, you are suffering from Acne Vulgaris.

    • Pimple-like skin eruptions with inflammation and pain.
    • Blackheads and whiteheads
    • Pimples repeatedly occur and may leave behind stubborn scars
    • Scaly red skin with large or small nodules

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