• Achalasia Cardia Preventions


Adopting simple practices during meals can go a long way in helping our body fight diseases and prevent various disorders.

  • Swallowing Therapy: This is a simple swallowing technique practiced with the help of a speech therapist which helps the patient in swallowing and eating better by adopting certain practices to strengthen the inner muscles.
  • Certain swallowing exercises for the muscles can improve the tone and strength of lower esophageal sphincter.
  • Dietary modifications- Alter your diet and meal pattern and choose a softer or a pureed diet which can help in swallowing better.
  • Maintain a proper time period between each meal and avoid skipping meals.
  • Always stay hydrated and increase the amount of fluids in your body.
  • In extreme cases, alternate feeding in the form of use of nasal tube or tube feeding may be advised.