• Ringworm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 I am a housewife and I sweat profusely as I have to work a lot at home and in the kitchen. Due to my increased perspiration I frequently suffer from Ringworm since many years. I am tired of taking medicines every time. Are there any alternate measures that I can try at home?

    You can definitely try out some of these effective tips to deal with Ringworm.

    Apply a paste of papaya on the patch of ringworm; it helps in reducing the symptoms.

    Lavender oil, olive oil, coconut oil and tea tree oils are very effective in preventing the fungus to grow. Applying these oils on the eruptions ameliorate the disease greatly.

    A mixture of Aloe Vera gel and honey also serves well in reducing the symptoms of Ringworm.

    But since you are suffering so frequently, you should also go for homeopathic treatment which offers you a long lasting relief and preventing relapses. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Ringworm Homeopathic Treatment

  • 2 Is there any particular diet that needs to be followed for Ringworm?

    Include Fresh fruits and vegetables, Calcium rich foods like yoghurt, seeds, nuts and cereals, Vitamin E rich foods like olive oil, almonds, sesame seeds, lentils etc. small quantity of Garlic works as a great antifungal; add it to your main dishes.

    Avoid foods which are packed with preservatives like pickles, sauces, canned food etc.

    Avoid sweets and sugary foods as increased sugar levels delay healing of ringworm.

    Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

  • 3 My elder daughter had developed Ringworm few years back and she is alright now. But now since my younger son also plays a lot in the parks and sometimes even in the puddles too. I want to make sure he doesn't get the infection. What should I do for prevention?

    You can start by teaching him some basic personal hygiene like washing hands every time he comes after school or playgrounds etc. If anyone is suffering from the infection, touching the infected parts should be avoided.

    Sharing items belonging to an infected person including soaps, towels, clothes and any sports gear that the infected person comes in direct contact with should be strictly avoided. Skin should be kept clean and dry. Make sure that the clothes worn are not wet and clothes should be changed immediately after getting wet in rains or after increased perspiration. Applying some non- medicated talcum powder after having a bath can also keep the skin dry and absorb perspiration.

  • 4 I suffer from RINGWORM on and off almost every 2 months. This has been happening since I was diagnosed as Diabetic 7 years back. Every time I have the infection I have to take a course of antibiotics. Currently I am on medication for the same. Do I need to discontinue these medicines if I start HOMEOPATHIC Treatment?

    HOMEOPATHIC medicines start acting on the body immediately on starting the treatment. But since you have been taking conventional medicines for a long time now, it is not advisable to stop them right away. On stopping the conventional medicines, it is possible that the disease returns with a higher intensity. Along with parallel HOMEOPATHIC treatment, you can gradually taper off your doses of the medicine under the guidance of your expert HOMEOPATHIC physician. Eventually, you can discontinue your conventional medicines.

    Since you are a diabetic, care has to be taken about sugar levels as high sugar levels delay the healing process of the infections. Homeopathic treatment will not only take care about your ringworm, but will also make sure that your sugar levels do not rise. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Ringworm Homeopathic Treatment

  • 5 What happens if I stop the HOMEOPATHIC treatment?

    To avail maximum benefits of HOMEOPATHIC treatment, it is advisable to continue HOMEOPATHIC treatment till it is recommended by the doctors. However, even if you stop your treatment, do not worry of any side effects or the disease getting aggravated or returning back in full form. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Ringworm Homeopathic Treatment

  • 6 Which medicine is generally used to treat Ringworm?

    The manifestations of the disease could be very different in different individuals. Even the causative factors are different in every case. This is why Homeopathic system does not generalize the disease and prescribe only one or two remedies in every case.

    We have numerous remedies which are differentiated based on their different striking symptoms. There are more than 85 remedies for Ringworm in our treasury of medicines. Few of our amazing remedies include Graphites, Natrum Mur, Silicea, Thuja, Sepia, Tellurium etc. Thus, we can see how homeopathic medicines are prescribed in varying intensities as per the requirements in various individual cases.

  • 7 How will Homeopathy help me to deal with RINGWORM?

    HOMEOPATHY is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest way and it makes sure that the immunity of the patient is strengthened in a way that the disease cannot recur again. HOMEOPATHY works on the individual in the most natural way. By acting upon all the aspects, which is mind, body and spirit, it restores the life force of the body.

    Perfectly chosen HOMEOPATHIC medicines can help to relieve the itching and the eruptions of Ringworm. If excessive perspiration is present, homeopathic medicines can also normalize the functions of the sweat glands and prevents the excess secretion. Homeopathic medicines also help to prevent further damage to the tissues of the skin.

    Homeopathy vitalizes your skin and also helps to fight the fungus. Homeopathy strengthens the immune system and makes sure that there should not be any relapse of the condition. HOMEOPATHY has given astonishing results to many people with RINGWORM and they have been able to get back their healthy, flawless skin.

  • 8 How long do I need to take these medicines?

    Medicines need to be taken as long as the eruptions persist. However, it is possible that the eruptions may reappear once the treatment is stopped.

    People who recurrently suffer from Ringworm or people who are prone to get the infection should get this predisposition corrected. This increased predisposition to infections can be corrected only by taking care of the root cause of the condition.

    Homeopathic medicines are known to treat the root cause effectively and ensure that relapses do not occur, and taking medicines for a long time will also not be required.

  • 9 What types of treatments are available for RINGWORM?

    Conventional line of treatment focuses on removing the eruptions by prescribing anti fungal powders, ointments, gels and sprays. In case of severe infections, oral anti-fungal medicines are also prescribed.

    Homeopathic treatment for Ringworm, instead of focusing on the end products of the disease i.e. the eruptions concentrates on boosting the immune system of the human being, so that the condition does not occur again. It is absolutely safe and does not cause any unwanted side effects or suppressive tendencies.

  • 10 Are there any tests to diagnose RINGWORM? Is the fungus visible?

    Generally tests are not required to diagnose Ringworm. A qualified physician can diagnose it in the clinic. A test called Wood Lamp Test shows the fungus glowing under the blue light in a dark room.

  • 11 What happens if I ignore RINGWORM?

    Please do not ignore Ringworm as it is very contagious. The most definite complication is that it will keep on spreading to other parts of your body, especially your hands and the groin region.

    This fungal infection may complicate further by an added secondary bacterial infection leading to painful cysts and abscesses. Infection of ringworm invading the scalp causing painful inflammation of scalp with pus formation and thick yellow crusts is a condition known as kerion.

    Don't wait for complications to set in. Act Now and Take the right treatment.