• Psoriasis Treatment

  1. Biologic drugs or 'Biologics' (for moderate to severe Psoriasis): A biologic is a protein-based drug obtained from living cells that are cultured in the lab. They target specific parts of the immune system as against systemic drugs that affect the entire immune system. They block the action of certain specific proteins that play a major role in development of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. These agents, however, unnaturally suppress the immune system.
  2. Topical treatment for Psoriasis (mild): Various medications are applied externally on the Psoriasis lesions with the aim of slowing down the excessive cell production, reducing the resultant inflammation, or relieving the itching, dryness, scaling, etc. But their effect is short-lasting and do not cater to the underlying cause. Ideally you can apply non-medicated petroleum jelly, olive oil or coconut oil. This definitely slows down scaling and dryness.
  3. Systemic medications in treatment for Psoriasis (moderate to severe) : Several medications are given internally in liquid, pill or injection form to slow down the progress of the disease or to give symptomatic relief from its distressing symptoms. Most of the conventional medications in treatment for Psoriasis are heavy on human functioning and do not guarantee prevention of recurrences.
  4. Phototherapy or Light treatment for Psoriasis (for mild to moderate): This includes exposing the skin to ultraviolet light under controlled conditions for several sessions. This has been found to slow down the rate of growth of the skin cells and curtail the progress of Psoriasis.