• Genital Herpes Home Remedies

Home Remedies
  • Wear loose cotton clothing.
  • Keep the affected area dry and clean.
  • TAKE a diet, which is rich in the amino acid lysine like beans, lentils, cheese, nuts, soya beans (tofu),fenugreek seed, meat (red meat, pork), poultry, eggs, fish (cod and sardines).
  • Prompt relief of local pain can be transiently achieved by applying wrapped ice cubes.
  • Condoms reduce but not completely eliminate the risk of spreading or contracting herpes virus.

  • Do not scratch the lesions.
  • AVOID a diet rich in the amino acid arginine such as chocolates, peanuts, wheat, raisins, etc.
  • Do not touch the lesions with bare hands. Wash your hands with soap water if you touch the lesions.
  • AVOID any sexual contact during symptomatic stages.