• Ganglion Cyst


What is Ganglion?

ganglion cyst

A benign, fluid containing lump; mostly around joint or tendon is known as Ganglion. It is mostly seen around wrist, hands or feet. It appears like balloon filled with clear liquid. Size may vary and may also reduce or increase. It is mostly painless; until nerve compression is involved. Even if asymptomatic, may become cosmetically unappealing. Sometimes it may resolve by itself.

It is easily visible and can be felt easily too. Though exact cause behind development of Ganglion is unknown, it is believed that it is due to out-pouching of joint fluid (synovial fluid).

Though, conventionally treatment involves invasive technique or surgery and has high rate of recurrence; Homeopathy offers non invasive, natural, safe, side effect free, long lasting relief from Ganglion.

What Happens In Ganglion?

Quick Look
  • Smooth lump (swelling) beneath the skin
  • Mostly seen and felt around the wrist joint or hands
  • Painless but may cause pain in some cases
  • May cause discomfort & restrict motion
  • Round or oval
  • Contains jelly like fluid
  • Size may vary

What Can Ganglion Lead To?

  • Most of the time, Ganglion is asymptomatic and may regress itself. But if it is putting pressure on the adjoining nerve then it may cause severe pain, numbness, weakness of muscles. Also it can limit the range of motion of affected joint. Prolonged immobilization can cause stiffness.
  • This can hamper daily activities, sport activity and work performances. Wrist Ganglion if painful can interfere with skills like writing, painting, driving etc.
  • Also even if asymptomatic, Ganglion, if on visible areas, may cause cosmetic disfigurement and may look ugly. This can lead to self confidence issues and lack of self esteem.
  • Prolonged case may cause joint dysfunction in some people.
  • Delayed & complicated cases may land you at operation table. Surgery may cause risk of injury to surrounding arteries, veins, nerves etc. Post operative risk of infection, stiffness, scar, adhesions are also present.. Moreover recurrence is also possible even after successful surgery.
Hence now opt for non invasive, safe & natural Homeopathic Treatment For Ganglion which will also check out recurrence.
Treatment of Ganglion is better if sought earlier.

How Well Homeopathy Works In Ganglion

  • GANGLION can sometimes be asymptomatic, yet may be cosmetically unappealing to eyes. They may be painful & may limit the movement of affected joint.
  • It can be severely debilitating and frustrating in some cases. If left unchecked and untreated, will deteriorate your life quality & may put under the knife. Homeopathy holds answer to your troubles and that too naturally without any surgical intervention.
  • Homeopathy is very efficient in managing Symptoms of GANGLION and has an excellent success rate.
  • Holistic & constitutional approach of Homeopathy is its largest strength which makes it such a successful and natural treatment mode.
  • Homeopathy will not only remove your ganglion but will also prevent surgical risks, scar formation and post operative stiffness, complications & infections. Moreover it will prevent recurrence which is seen even after surgery.
Since Ganglion is due to unknown causes and varies from individual to individual, a constitutional and holistic approach is must. Hence Homeopathy here comes as a boon.
  • Homeopathy provides you complete resolution by individualization approach. Medicines are prescribed after thorough case taking, considering atypical symptoms, individual susceptibility and disease condition.
  • Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects. Hence it is very suitable for everyone.
  • Homeopathic treatment for GANGLION has more than 50 natural, side-effect free remedies in its treasury for the treatment of this condition.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • Ruta: Affinity for joints especially tendons and ligaments. Overuse of joints, especially wrists joints. Shooting pain in wrists. Chronic weakness after injury.
  • GRAPHITES: Great remedy for Ganglion in people who have tendency to put fat & are affected with poor circulation. Associated skin conditions. Tendency to take cold. Feels miserable & unhappy. Weeping from music with aversion to meat.
  • CALCAREA FLOURICA: Excellent remedy for ganglion at the back of wrist. For swelling & indurations around tendons & joints. Ganglion at the back of knee. Ganglion after injury. Also remove tendency to adhesion after operation of Ganglion.
  • CALCAREA CARBONICA: Superlative remedy in Ganglion affections in people who are fat, fair, flabby. Excessive cold and damp perspiration. Patient requiring this medicine usually feels best when constipated. Great for arthritic nodosities.