• Gallstones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 Can homeopathy help me to get rid from my pain permanently?

    Yes, homeopathy indeed has a greater advantage in treating small and medium sized gallstones effectively.

    It helps in quick relief of pain in the initial stage of disease and protects the gallbladder from the surgery. Also it can stop the tendency to stone formation permanently and prevent its recurrence.

    HOMEOPATHY works on the individual in the most natural way. By acting upon all the aspects, which is mind, body (its physiology and pathology) and spirit it restores the life force of the body.

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  • 2 Does any form of surgical procedure help in the management of Gall stones?

    In most cases, gallstones don't cause any problems. However, if gall stones are large in size and cause blockage of the ducts leading to complications such as infections or inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), then removal of gall bladder called Cholecystectomy by using a laparoscope is indicated.

    However such surgical treatment can lead to many risk and complications. Thus to prevent our self from such painful procedures, Homeopathy is the best choice of treatment.

  • 3 I am 35 year old woman working in Bank and living a sedentary life, Recently I checked my weight and it is around 80 kg, so am I more prone to develop Gall stones?

    People with high body mass index (BMI) appear to be a greater risk factor for gallstones, particularly for women. Obesity causes high cholesterol in our body which leads to the development of Gall stones in our body. Also it is said that increased abdominal fat mass may cause gallbladder hypo- motility and bile stasis which can promote the formation of Gall stones.

  • 4 What can I do to stop the formation of Gallstones in my body?

    Gall stones are hard, solidified material form within the gall bladder. Once it is formed, gallstones can block bile ducts causing pain, inflammation and potentially serious infection. Although many factors can contribute to the formation of gallstones including age, weight, it is possible to naturally prevent the formation of gallstones with a healthy balanced diet rich in high fibres. Avoiding high fat foods can also be helpful.

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  • 5 What kind of diet should I follow since I have been diagnosed with gallstones or gallbladder problems?

    If you are suffering from gall stones or gall bladder problems and to prevent the further attacks, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    Diet containing high fibre content and low fatty products should be consumed. To know about further diet in detail, please click Diet and Nutrition

  • 6 I am having gallstones. I have to fast for 9 days for Navratri festival or 9 days fast festival which happens in India. Can fasting worsen my condition?

    Usually, fasting may increase your risk for developing gallstones, hard solidified deposit that form in the gallbladder. Under normal circumstances, our body derives most of its energy from carbohydrate metabolism. When we fast for many days, our body gets deprived of its normal source of energy and it eventually starts to break down its reserve fat for energy. During this process, liver begins to secrete more cholesterol into the bile and eventually increase the risk of gall stones.

    In addition, fasting can also slow down the rate of contraction in gall bladder causing the bile to remain at one place without complete emptying of gall bladder, which ultimately will lead to the formation of gall stones.

  • 7 My father is suffering from gall stones, what precaution should I take regarding his diet?

    If your father is suffering from gallstones, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that he avoids skipping his meals everyday and he doesn't keep fast for many days.

    Try to give him lot of fluids and a healthy diet containing plenty of vegetables and whole grains.

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  • 8 My sonography shows a small stone in the gall bladder? Should I go in for surgery? / When is surgery indicated?

    Usually small stones in the gallbladder do not cause much discomfort and can be easily treated with medication. However, if the size of the stones increases and gets impacted within the bile duct and cause obstruction to the flow of bile leading to various complications, then surgical intervention is indicated.

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  • 9 Is there any treatment available to get free from this gall bladder pain?

    Treatment of gallstones depends partly on whether one experiences pain or not.

    In case of severe biliary colic, certain medications are available which dissolve the stones completely and helps to relieve the patient from terrifying pain. But this will help only in cases of small and medium sized stones. For larger stones, surgery is indicated.

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  • 10 What are the tests available for the diagnosis of gall stones?

    Some simple tests and procedures like Ultrasonography (USG) and standard computerized tomography (CT or CAT scan) are done to diagnose Gall stones.

    But sometimes, an advanced technique such as MRI or MRCP (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography) is done to get a clear view of bile ducts and the obstructed gallstones within the gall bladder.

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  • 11 Will I suffer from any problem after my gallbladder is removed?

    As such, there will be no problem associated with gall bladder removal. Our liver has the capacity to make the bile needed and to digest fats. If the gall bladder is removed, the bile will directly flow into the small intestine, rather than being stored in the gallbladder. Thus it is advisable to eat a diet less in fats and more in fibre.

    Homeopathy is considered as one of the best therapies for gallstones as it takes into consideration not just the symptoms, but the complete picture of the individual and treats them in a holistic way.

    It will help to save the gallbladder from surgery and will prevent you from risk of complications after surgery.