• Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss) Home Remedies

Home Remedies
  • Recognize signs of stress and work towards dissipating it.
  • At work, reduce stress by learning to avoid long hours, not accepting unrealistic demands, setting realistic goals, accepting changes optimistically and not taking work related problems home.
  • At home, air your grievances, share your problems and rest adequately.
  • Your diet should be balanced in vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Avoid using dyes and other chemical treatments like bleaching and perming hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair too frequently. Ideally you should wash your hair not more than twice in a week.
  • To avoid split ends, snip off the ends cleanly every 2 weeks. Otherwise the split may travel backwards to the root.
  • Avoid tight hair styles or elastic hair bands.
  • Do not use heated, spiked rollers frequently and never hold the hair dryer too close to the scalp.
  • Never use sharp combs or brushes.
  • Never brush or comb when the hair is wet and always use a towel to dry it gently.
  • Avoid over-zealous scalp massage or brushing.