• Allergic Rhinitis Causes

Causes of Allergic Rhinitis

Seasonal and perennial allergens are the most common causes of Allergic Rhinitis. Seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs during pollen season. Perennial allergic rhinitis occurs throughout the year and is commonly seen in younger children.

Tree, grass and ragweed pollen are primarily seasonal outdoor allergens. Tree and flower pollen are more prevalent in the spring, while grasses and weeds produce more pollen in the summer and fall months.

Indoor allergens such as the dried skin flakes, urine and saliva found on pet dander, mold, droppings from dust mites and cockroach particles also cause allergic rhinitis.

In addition to allergen triggers, causes of Allergic Rhinitis also include irritants such as smoke and strong odors, changes in temperature and humidity of the air.

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