Case of Stubborn Genital Warts Finding Its Solution in Homeopathy
Suffering from multiple, bleeding genital warts since 3 years, this African lady consulted us in a highly anxious state. We began treating her, and within a span of 3 months, all her warts had disappeared.
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A 45-year-old African lady came with multiple genital warts for 2 to 3 years.

The warts were huge and looked very dirty. She was extremely embarrassed with these warts. Her sexual life was also severely compromised because of them.

The warts were large, irregular shaped, moist and would bleed easily on touch or while washing.

She was very anxious about these warts and would keep brooding about them. There was pricking pain in the warts with a splinter like sensation within it.

After a detailed study and thorough analysis of her case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Nitric Acid. The medicine was repeated frequently.

At the end of a week, the warts had started diminishing in size.

After continued treatment for about 3 months, the warts were completely gone.

She was extremely happy and her husband brought us a 'Thanking You' letter to express his gratitude.