Cases of Warts Cured with Homeopathy - Case 2
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In the patient's words:

I had been suffering from warts since 5 years and they kept coming back again and again even after cauterization treatment. However, after taking treatment from Speciality Clinic for warts complaints, they have gone completely and have not returned.

Male/ 28 years
Diagnosis: Warts

28 year old man reported for the treatment of multiple skin lesions all over the body since last 5 years. The lesions were reddish and flat. They first started on the left leg and then ascended to spread all over the body. The condition was diagnosed as Verruca Vulgaris (common warts) and he was under allopathic medication and had also undergone cauterization, but they appeared again all over the body.

He had a normal appetite with craving for spicy and salty food. He was averse to pungent food. He would get headache after travelling in sunlight. He would sleep well and would often dream of ghosts.

He had been through lot of stress in life. He started working at a very young age due to financial crisis and regretted leaving studies early. At his workplace, which was away from his home, he did not get along well with other people.

He was very mild by nature and could not express his emotions. He would cry very easily if someone talked rudely to him or shouted at him. He would cry when alone and keep on brooding about his state. He would feel better after weeping.

He had marked feeling of loneliness, since childhood and had not got parental affection.

He liked to be in a company of dignified people who wear good clothes and talk good language. He had a feeling that he was inadequate and felt inferior.

He also mentioned that his marriage had been against his wish and that he never got along with his wife. He had completely lost interest in sex and had no feeling for any relationship.

He had fear of lizards, snakes, insects, someone disgracing him, darkness and ghosts. He had tremendous fear of downward motion.

Based on the above history, he was prescribed Borax 30 for the warts. Within 1-2 weeks he had started improving well and the warts had significantly reduced. He continued to improve in the coming weeks but stopped medication abruptly. Few months later, he reported that all old warts had gone but few new ones had just started to appear. At this point, he was prescribed Thuja 1M as an intercurrent remedy and his warts were gone within a month's time. Thereafter, he reported again only after 4 years with multiple warts all over the body and blackish discharge from the warts. His case was evaluated again and he was prescribed Ferrum Met 30 based on his current presentation. Within a month's treatment, he was all fine once again and the blackish discharge had stopped completely. He was kept under observation for some time after which his treatment was discontinued. He was doing fine with no complaints after 6 months and thereafter no warts recurred till date.

Note: Please take Professional Guidance. Do not do self medication. Homeopathy is individualistic. Speciality Clinic is not responsible for any of the patient’s self medication.

Conclusion: This is an interesting case of warts successfully treated with Homoeopathy. Multiple ointments and cauterization didn’t help this 28 year-old patient’s warts much, but Homoeopathy did.