Cases of Warts Cured with Homeopathy - Case 1
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In the patient's words:

My warts disappeared completely with Homeopathy and I never had any need for any external treatment for warts complaints. I am very thankful to Dr. Shah for this.

Female/ 33 years
Diagnosis: Warts

33 year old lady, Mrs. P.S., reported to the clinic for treatment of multiple warts below the nose. She said that the complaints had started 6 months back and now the warts were growing steadily. She didn't like them since everyone would question her as to what had happened to her and then she would become conscious about her looks. Besides this, she did not have any other complaints.

Mrs. P.S. had a normal appetite and took a mixed diet comprising of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. She was very fond of milk and disliked honey. Her thirst for water was below average and her perspiration was scanty. She could not tolerate extremes of temperature and disliked monsoon. Her sleep was disturbed and dreams unremembered.

The patient stayed with her husband and two children. Her husband was engineer and he had his own business. She had good relations with her family and denied having any tensions or any other problems.

As a child, she had always been shy and reserved she used to like to be alone by herself. When relatives would come to their house, she would go to another room and sit there. As a student, she was very clever and used to get scholarships but she was very scared of her exams. During the exams, she would often fall sick. She did not have the stamina to perform well. She completed her Bachelor's degree in commerce and ICWA, worked for 1 year, later after marriage she stopped working.

She mentioned that she was very attached to her family members and her things and would become anxious if any of her family members would be late; she would try to relax at such times but would not be able to.

Mrs. P.S. mentioned she was very particular about her work; if she would take up anything, she would complete it till the end and would do it perfectly and to her best. She would never give her things to others as she thought they would spoil it.

She was very sensitive by nature; if someone would hurt her, she could forgive him or her but would never forget it however was not revengeful. When she would get angry, she would express herself and if consoled, she would cool down easily.

Findings on examination:

  • Weight: 50 kg
  • BP: 100/70 mm of Hg.
  • Black pigmentation on knuckles
  • Multiple warts below the nose
  • Teeth caries +

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Ferrum Picricum 30 for the warts below the nose. 1 week later, there was not much change in the warts but her sleep had improved. She reported another week later and by this time, all her warts had fallen off. She was followed up after another couple of weeks and she had no complaints now. Her treatment was concluded thereafter.

Note: Please take Professional Guidance. Do not do self medication. Homeopathy is individualistic. Speciality Clinic is not responsible for any of the patient's self medication.

Conclusion: Multiple warts on nose had troubled this 33 year-old lady for a long time before homoeopathy gave her great relief. This case helps to know more about efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine in cases of warts.