Flush out all the toxins from urine wonderfully by homeopathy
This is an interesting case of a beautiful girl with burning pain and 250 pus cells and bacteria in urine. The child's anxiety and pain got quick relief with few doses of a well selected homeopathic medicines in short time.
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A 12 yr old girl, fair complexion visited our clinic wither mother with complaints of fever with chills since last 2 days.

She was complaining of severe burning pain while urinating with great urgency to urinate. Her urine gave an offensive odor with frequency of 10- 12 times a day and 2-3 times I night.

She never suffer from such complaints in the past hence was quite afraid and anxious.

She also had an associated complaint of constipation on and off since many years.

On inquiring about her personal details, we came to know that she was a hot patient. Her diet was average with increased thirst for water. Due to fever she was feeling quite low with bitter taste in her mouth.

She did her urine examination which clearly showed the presence of 250pus cells with bacteria in it. It was a clear case of Urinary Tract Infections.

After considering her acuteness and severity of complaints, an acute medicine Cantharides 30 was prescribed for 4 days.

The remedy worked well and the infection came under control within few days. Her fever subsided and she was relieved from her painful urination.