Homeopathy ensures quick recovery from Chronic Tennis Elbow
42 year-old Mr. B.S. consulted us for treatment of a painful elbow. Within a month of our homeopathic treatment, his pain was gone and he did not need any support band for his elbow.
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Mr. B.S., aged 42 and a regular tennis player since many years, consulted us complaining of pain in his left forearm. He was suffering since 2 months without any lasting relief from conventional medicines.

He complained of a dull but continuous pain in elbow, forearm and wrist with swelling in the elbow accompanied by sensation of heat and stiffness.

He felt there wasn't any strength left in his arm and this worried him because he was avid tennis player.

Based on his complaints and a complete history taking, we prescribed the homeopathic remedy Rhus toxicodendron in repeated doses.

He began to experience a positive difference in the first week itself, and within a month, the pain and swelling had completely disappeared.

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