Tennis Elbow In A Young Artist Completely Relieved With Homeopathy
A young artist with Tennis elbow due to overexertion at painting consulted us. With the right homeopathic medicine, he could get back to the work he loved without any further hitch.
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A young artist consulted us with pain in his right forearm and elbow.

While taking the history, he revealed that he had been overworking since many days because he had to finish a huge mural painting. The work also included cutting and shaping small pieces of stones with a vibrating instrument, and this aggravated the pain.

He had begun experiencing pain within a few days of beginning the painting, but had ignored it using painkillers. He said that if somebody touched his forearm, the pain became worse. He felt a peculiar pain as if his arm had been badly beaten and bruised.

After taking his history, we prescribed the remedy Arnica in repeated doses for a few days. He reported after 2 weeks that he was feeling much better and could complete his painting in the given period. He stopped taking painkillers and resumed his normal activities.