Tennis Player Gets Her Groove Back With Homeopathy
A painful elbow in a young tennis player was threatening to be detrimental to her career. An early intervention with Homeopathy averted this and she was back in form.
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A young girl, 18 years of age, consulted us with pain in her left wrist and elbow. She was a tennis player who had made her mark at the State-Level and was set to compete nationally too. She was worried that her pain would prove to be harmful for her career as a professional tennis player.

Painkillers and warm pack applications would comfort her for some time, but the moment she would take up the racquet to play, the pain returned, reinforced.

She complained of unbearable pain in her wrist with swelling and redness that reached upto her elbow. Her pains were worse on slightest touch and motion.

On complete history taking, we prescribed the homeopathic remedy, Actea Spicata. In just a few days, the swelling, redness and pain went down. She restarted her training but the pain did not come back. She was completely pain-free in a couple of weeks.

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