A Case of Recurrent Styes solved wonderfully with Homeopathy
This is the case of a counselor suffering from recurrent styes on his left lower eyelid since 3 months. No amount of oral antibiotics or eye drops could give him relief. It was Homeopathy that finally rescued his eyes.
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A 28-year old counselor, consulted us with complaints of recurrent styes in his left lower eyelid since 3 months. He had consulted many skin specialists and ophthalmologists in the past and had taken many antibiotics and used various eye drops too without any positive outcome.

He particularly complained of how his eyes would turn intensely red when a stye appeared and how awful it looked.

The patient was basically an aggressive personality with tendency to violent anger but his profession was such that he had to suppress most his anger within himself.

Based on this and his complete history, we prescribed the remedy Staphysagria. Slowly, the frequency of attacks began to reduce until after 2 months of treatment, his attacks stopped completely.