Homeopathy achieved amazing results in joint pains treatment.
A case of severe joint pains which was making patient debilitating, found rapid and effective treatment in homeopathy.
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A 27 year old physiotherapist came with burning pain in both the knees, off & on, since past 6 years. Pain started from right knee which later on involved left one also. There was cracking sound in the right knees on flexing & extending the limb.

Pain at left hip increased by crossing legs and decreased by lying on abdomen. Pain at shoulders started from left side & then involved right one also. It was since last 6 months. Last year she had fracture of metacarpal bones of left foot. There was also history of fracture of right fibula with ankle sprain last year. Her appetite was good. She liked rice; stimulants like alcohol or tea to remain active while at work. She did not like fruits. Her thirst was less. She preferred to lie down on back with her hands parallel to the body, but due to pain in her left hip she lied on abdomen which gave her relief. She dreamt of her dead father. She preferred hot climate.

She was very ambitious and punctual. She liked her work. But due to her pains she wanted to remain in the bed. She was attached very much with her father& had lost more than 20kg weight after her father's death. She was sensitive lady & avoided the things which hurt her.

On the basis of symptoms she was prescribed Causticum.

After 10 days of treatment she was 50% better of her overall complaints. Her pains reduced. Sleep improved. With further treatment, she had no more complaints; so needed no further treatment.

So Homeopathy gave dynamic result in very short span of time.

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