Effect of a single medicine in curing the patient as a whole with homeopathy
A severe crippled case of a middle age female with pain and swelling of all joints since 3 years. This case proved that a single medicine if selected properly can cure the patient completely by treating from its root.
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A 35 yr old women lean thin reported us with the complaint of joint pains since last 3 years. There was pain and swelling of all her joints especially shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle and small joints of fingers on and off since last 1 year. Whenever the joints get inflamed, they became fiery red, hot and she would feel better only by sitting next to air condition or by walking.

She was also suffering from vitiligo with white patches all over her body. Her appetite and thirst was normal but would get acidity after eating spicy food. Her menses were mildly profuse lasting for 6- 8 days.

On examination she looked quite pale and anaemic and had redness, tenderness and swelling of all her joints. Her investigation showed RA to be positive.

Patient basically belongs to a middle class family with a married life of about 4 years. They had a lovely daughter of 2 years who was very attached to the patient. On inquiry we came to know that patient was grumbling about her husband's behaviour in handling the child and household matters. She said that she herself has to bear all the burden of upbringing of her daughter and husband would just not keen to help her in keeping their relationship going. All these issues would make her feel very angry and irritable.

She often dreamt of falling from sky or running somewhere.

After studying the whole case history we evaluated the characteristic physical and mental symptoms and prescribed Ferrum Sulp 30 till the pain subside.

With the help of few doses the pain subsided to 40%. After 15 days we again repeated the single dose of ferrum sulp 30 and after that there was some other unbelievable response. The white discoloration started developing pigmentation spot inside. After certain time the skin started turning quite normal day by day and the skin started becoming better and better.

After the treatment for 2- 3months, the RA test was negative.

Her mental state improved to a certain extent and she felt quite relaxed and started controlling her anger.

Note: This is the depth of action of right homeopathic medicine. It works not only for the one disease but treat the patient as a whole by giving a long term positive relief.