A case where a mother didn't want her child after delivery, recovered with Homeopathy
Mind is the gateway of homeopathic prescribing for any ailment in the body, so we have a case of depression where the mother did not attend the child after delivery. Homeopathic medicines made the mother come back to her normal state and there by the family tension also reduced.
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This is an interesting case of a leading computer software engineer delivered a baby girl.The entire family was into IT departments.

Since the time delivery mother did not care for the child. She would not even touch, feed or even clean the child.

She has absolutely no interest in life doing anything. She would also not take bath for many days. The child was neglected as if she was an orphan. She had lot of auditory hallucinations which said that "Please don't touch the child. This is not your child. Do not waste your time in such silly thing in your life."

2 months had passed; the grandmother had to take care of the child, whole family was worried, because during pregnancy, she always wanted a child. Now doesn't know what to do.

It was a clear cut case of postpartum depression. On the basis of her constitution, totality of symptoms and analysis Thuja 200 C was given helped the patient to recover completely. She realized her motherhood and started taking care of the child. In 3 months, there was a complete recovery and the couple left for USA.

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