Cases of Herpes Cured with Homeopathy - Case 2
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In the patient's words:

Dr. Shah's treatment for herpes cure turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me; he completely cured of my complaint of 12 years' duration. I am extremely grateful to him.

Female/ 36 years
Diagnosis: Oral Herpes (Herpes Simplex)

Mrs. S. M. came to the clinic with the complaints of Herpes Simplex on her lips. The eruptions were accompanied by severe pain and rawness of the lesions. The pain was of throbbing nature and would mostly come suddenly and go away suddenly. There was blood-stained discharge oozing from the eruptions.

She had been suffering from Herpes Simplex for the last 10 to 12 years. Her complaints were aggravated during the winter season. Since last 3 years, she was on Zovirax (anti-viral drug) 5 times a day. But the medicines did not suit her; she used to feel a lot of heat in the stomach and in the body when she took Zovirax. She also used to develop boils on the body every time she took the medicines. Even after taking these medicines, the complaints persisted and reappeared every winter. She had to suffer the episodes of pain and herpetic eruptions time and again.

Besides the above complaints she also had pimples on the cheek and redness. This has started since the past 5 years. She was also complaining of Leucorrhea; the flow was warm. Her leucorrhea would start if she lifted heavy weights.

Premature graying of hair was another complaint that she had.

During the case taking it was observed that the patient was a very pleasant lady. She said by nature she was very sensitive. If someone would say something wrong to her, she would brood over it. She was God-fearing and an honest person.

She had a very happy married life and has two children. Her relationship with her husband and in laws was very good. Since she did not have any responsibilities, she keeps herself busy by doing a part-time job as a kindergarten teacher. She liked her job very much and enjoyed being with children. If she was angry and somebody contradicted her, she would not like it and this would also lead to a flare-up of her anger. Besides this she had a marked fear of downward motion and she would get nauseated during this downward motion.

Family history: Her mother had history of Herpes.

After studying her case in detail, the patient was prescribed Sepia as the constitutional remedy for her complaints of herpes simplex. Belladonna was intermittently used during the acute stage of the condition. The patient took the medicines regularly for 8 months and during the first winter after starting treatment, the herpetic eruption came but the intensity was very less.

Thereafter, she was put on her constitutional remedy for 1-month time. She had no major episodes throughout the winter season. In the next year, there was no occurrence of any Herpes. It has now been the fifth consecutive year, the patient is free from her Herpes and her skin is much better now.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in herpes cases.

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