Finally Freed From the Clutches of OCD- with Homeopathy
Read on about a 58 year-old man whose obsession with being particular about everything reached pathological heights. Homeopathy brought him out of his obsessions progressively and began to lead a more stable and peaceful life.
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We were consulted by a woman for treating her 58 year-old husband. He had been diagnosed with OCD and living with him was becoming more difficult as each day passed. The patient had an obsession about everything. He would want a particular plate, particular fork, particular glass and everything in the particular position. He was completely intolerant to anything happening contrary to his wishes.

Any change in any aspect of his house would translate into irritability and violence.

The patient also had a particular feeling that his body would suffer from some major injury. That is why he would walk very carefully, sit carefully and move carefully.

These peculiar characteristics of the patient led us to prescribe the remedy Thuja. Slowly, the patient's thoughts and behavior began to improve. His long standing fear of injury disappeared and the OCD completely subsided within a year.

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