Homeopathy Brings A Teenager out of a Pathological Obsession for Cleanliness
This patient's obsession for cleanliness was so intense that she "had to" clean the entire house and bathrooms at least 5 times a day! So much so that she developed eczema and constipation. Homeopathy steadily put a stop to her compulsions.
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Mrs. D. K. consulted us for her daughter's peculiar behavior. She narrated that if any guest was to come home, her daughter would wash the entire house with soap and phenyl. If they sat on a chair or sofa, she would clean all the covers of chair, bed and sofa. Her whole day would be spent in cleaning and taking care of the house. The constant contact with water and chemicals resulted in excessive dryness and peeling of her skin resulting in contact eczema.

Patient also suffered from very bad constipation, and her sweat would always stain her clothes. She had a disturbed childhood and because of the emotional disturbances, she had lot of vivid dreams- dreams of fire, dreams of passing stool, dreams of wedding, dreams of death of relatives, etc.

Based on her detailed history, we prescribed the remedy Magnesium sulph.

In the first follow-up itself, she reported drastic improvement in her sleep. Over the next few weeks, her dreams decreased, constipation went away and her obsession for washing also disappeared.

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