Homeopathy Makes a Mark in Treatment of OCD
This is an amazing case of a lady who had an uncontrollable tendency to wash her hands. Under Dr. Shah's treatment, she steadily improved and finally got rid of her uncontrollable tendency.
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A 25 year-old lady consulted us complaining of an uncontrollable tendency to wash her hands throughout the day. She washed her hands at least 30 times in a day and had to buy a new soap every single day because she detested using the same soap again.

On further enquiring about the mental sphere of the case, she revealed that she would become violent and irritable on being opposed to washing hands all the time.

Very forgetful and indifferent about her future. She would weep suddenly and become very nervous without any apparent reason. She would even wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and could not sleep again.

On the basis of the totality of symptoms and after analyzing the entire case, she was prescribed the remedy Syphilinum that helped her to improve and recover completely.