Homoeopathy brings back easy breathing in a patient with nasal polyps!
Is it possible to treat nasal polyps without surgery? Definitely yes! Have a look at this wonderful case and see the efficacy of our Homoeopathic medicines in the condition of Nasal Polyps.
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A US resident engineer came with a chief complaint of running, watering nose continuously. Patient also had a stuffed feeling in the nose and had difficulty in breathing. He suffered from cold every time he was exposed to a change of weather.

He also had swelling at the root of the nose. He was examined carefully and his condition was diagnosed as nasal polyps. The polyps were so big they were as good as bulging out.

The patient was very fat and flabby. He perspired profusely and was easily affected by slightest change in the weather.

He was given Calcarea carb 200 and the swelling started decreasing in 6 months time. His symptoms were much better and his tendency to catch cold frequently had declined rapidly. The polyps completely shrunk and nasal passages became clear and open and patient could breathe normally.

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