30 year-old Professional Banker Gets Her Confidence Back With Homeopathy
A 30 year-old careerwoman working in a reputed Bank was embarrassed by the Mollusca eruptions she had. Two weeks into homeopathic therapy with us, her eruptions began to clear and her confidence level began coming back.
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Seeing the improvement of her son in treatment of Molluscum (refer Case "Homeopathy Restores The Smile On the Face of This 3 year-old Child With Mollusca"), the mother decided to get herself treated for her Molluscum.

She was a 30 year-old professional woman working in a Bank, and was suffering from recurrent multiple Molluscum since 6 months.

Her line of work was such that she was regularly interacting with potential clients and her eruptions were causing her much embarrassment and anguish.

Her history revealed that she was a very temperamental woman who had marked mood swings regularly.

She used to get irritated very easily and shout when angry. If somebody said some harsh words, she would start crying easily. Whenever hurt, she would remember the offence for many months.

Natrum Muriaticum 200, 2 doses every week was the remedy prescribed to her for 8 weeks.

Within 2 weeks, the eruptions started clearing up and 3 months later, the skin became totally normal.

Now 5 years have passed, both son and mother have no recurrence of any Molluscum or any other disease.