Urticaria due to an Emotional Trigger treated wonderfully with Homoeopathy!
An acute episode of Urticaria brought on by a psychological disturbance is relieved with Homoeopathic medicines effectively showing the efficacy and scope of Homoeopathy in treating stress-based physical complaints.
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41 year old Mrs. Jain, a housewife, came with complaints of severe urticaria with eruptions all over the body with pain, redness and itching. Eruptions were very hot to touch.

She revealed that the eruptions appeared after she had a huge quarrel with her husband. She kept on weeping while narrating her complaints.

She had no thirst and the itching was better by cold application and in open air.

Based on her symptoms, we prescribed the homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla. She was told to follow up after 1 week.

Within 2 days, the patient reported back saying her eruptions had subsided and so had the itching. A week after beginning with our treatment, her skin was completely clear.