Recurrent Urticaria In A Child Finds An Answer In Homeopathy
Being allergic to different kinds of proteins poses a huge problem especially in a child because proteins are the building blocks of the body. Here was a child with this kind of allergy. Read on to know how Homeopathy got her out of this alarming situation.
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A 6-year-old child was brought in with recurrent Urticaria that was not responding to any treatment.

The child was suffering badly. She would get long linear urticarial rash on eating pulses, meat, fish, egg, etc. This was affecting her nutrition and her parents were really concerned.

On further study, it was revealed that she would sleep in a very peculiar position with her head down and bottoms up. She had a marked desire for cold drink, cold water and ice cream.

The eruptions were better by cold application.

Thermally, she did not like to cover herself during sleep. Even in winter, she would throw off the covers during her sleep. In the summers, she had to sleep in front of the air conditioner.

After a detailed and thorough study of her case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic medicine Medorrhinum.

Soon, her reactivity to various things began reducing gradually. The lesions were less severe and would last a shorter duration than before. Over a period of 4 months, the lesions completely disappeared.

Now, after around 6 months of treatment, she is able to eat everything and enjoy it without fear of reaction.

This case demonstrates how homeopathy is highly effective and safe in treating young children.

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