Right Homeopathic Defeats Long-Standing Chronic Urticaria
Read how a 34 year-old woman with multiple allergies leading to Chronic Urticaria finds complete and long-lasting relief with Homeopathy.
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A 34-year-old lady presented with chronic recurrent Urticaria.

She was getting hives from different kind of substances. She would get hives from eggs, fish, prawns, milk, artificial jewellery, beans, tamarind and many other items.

She was really frustrated because anything that she would eat would lead to an allergic reaction. She had tried many different treatments, but none were helping much.

She was an irritable and quarrelsome person. Slightest contradiction would make her angry.

Her face was generally pale, but would become fiery red and flushed when she experienced strong emotions. She was weak, but would feel better by walking about.

After a detailed study and analysis of the case, the homeopathic remedy prescribed was Ferrum metallicum.

The patient's symptoms started reducing gradually. After around 3 months of treatment, her Urticaria completely disappeared.

Most importantly, she could now eat anything and everything without getting any reactions. Her recovery was a complete and comprehensive one.