A case of Post Partum Depression successfully treated with Homeopathy
Mind is the gateway of homeopathic prescribing for any ailment in the body. Here, we have a case of Depression where the mother was indifferent to her newborn. The correct homeopathic medicine restored her sense of affection and love.
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This is an interesting case of a leading computer software engineer who delivered a baby girl.

After her delivery, she refused to care for her child. She would not even touch, feed or even clean her baby.

She has absolutely no interest in doing anything. The child was neglected as if she was an orphan. The mother claimed she did this because a voice continuously told her, "Please don't touch the child. This is not your child."

Her entire family was flabbergasted because during pregnancy, she always wanted a child. This post-delivery Depressive episode lasted for 2 months with no inkling of improvement

On the basis of her constitution, totality of symptoms and analysis, the homeopathic remedy Thuja was prescribed. Within a few days, she began responding favourably and developed feelings of affection towards her daughter.

In 3 months, she recovered completely and resumed all duties of motherhood.

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