Homeopathy Gives Tailor's Career a New Lease of Life
Homeopathic treatment restores the efficiency of a tailor, suffering from callosities and saves him from permanently retiring from his job!
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A 50-year-old gentleman, a tailor by profession, came with multiple callosities on his fingers. The callosities were typically at the various pressure points on his fingers related to his work.

He would scrape off the hard skin with a sharp scrubber. However, to his dismay, the skin would harden again very soon. This cycle had been going on for the last 5 years.

The callosities had become stony hard and had rough and ragged edges. Occasionally there would be suppuration and oozing of pus from these callosities.

On examination, his tongue was cracked, fissured and indurated. He also had mild varicose veins in both his lower limbs.

After a detailed study and analysis of the patient's case, he was given his constitutional medicine Calcarea fluorata.

Soon the hardness started reducing. His callosities gradually softened and began reducing in size.

By the end of 6 months of treatment, the callosities had completely gone away.

Thus, we can see how the correct homeopathic remedy helped the patient to recover fully from his callosities within a short span of time.