Homeopathy Comes To The Rescue Of This Ex-Model Troubled By Painful Corns
A 43 year-old ex-model consulted us for treating obstinate corns of 3 years standing. As expected, her history of wearing high-heeled and other awkward shaped shoes for many years had brought on her condition. Within just 2 months of starting our treatment, the corns disappeared and did not recur again.
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The patient was a 43-year-old lady with a history of obstinate corns for nearly 3 years.

She had tried many types of treatments without much success. She was not getting a permanent solution for this malady.

She was an ex-model and had a history of wearing high-heeled and other awkward shaped shoes for many years. Since the appearance of the corns 3 years ago, she had stopped this practice and was wearing comfortable and proper fitting shoes.

Her feet used to ache severely and she had a feeling as if they were brittle and on the verge of breaking off.

She would sweat a lot but only on those parts that were covered with clothing, not on the exposed parts.

After a detailed analysis of her case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Thuja.

The patient responded well to Thuja and the thick, hard corns started falling off. At the end of 2 months, the corns had totally disappeared.

It has been 2 years since then and she has not had any recurrence.

Thus, we can see how such a chronic and obstinate case can be treated successfully and swiftly with the right homeopathic remedy.