Marathon Runner Freed From Corns With Homeopathy!
It was a terrible situation for this marathon runner who had corns on his feet! Welcome Cure's homeopathic treatment made sure he did not have to give up his athletic passion!
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A 36-year-old marathon runner presented with a complaint of multiple corns on his feet.

He had tried different medical and surgical treatments, but was unsuccessful in getting rid of these persistent and recurrent corns.

One of his friend suggested homeopathy to him. Thus, he decided to try homeopathic treatment in order to rid himself of these stubborn corns once and for all.

The patient was 6 feet and 7 inches tall, very intelligent, with a strong build.

Despite the severe pain, he would not give up running, which was his passion as well as profession.

He had a pale complexion. The skin was unhealthy and sallow. He looked older than his stated age.

He was a highly irritable person who would get irritated over trivial things. He could not bear anyone opposing his ideas or beliefs.

Based on these symptoms and a detailed analysis of his complete case, the patient was given the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium.

This not only removed the corns completely but also eliminated the tendency for recurrent formation of corns within 3 months.

Amazingly, the patient could run the next marathon without any discomfort.

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