Multiple Recurrent Corns Wiped Away By Homeopathic Treatment
48-year-old businesswoman suffering from multiple corns in her feet, consulted us for treatment. In spite of previous surgical removal, the corns were recurring back with a vengeance. Within just 1 year of homeopathic treatment with WelcomeCure, the corns not only reduced but completely disappeared never to recur again.
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A 48-year-old businesswoman was suffering from multiple corns in her feet.

She had tried applying corn caps without much success. She had even undergone multiple surgeries to remove the corns.

Despite all these efforts, the corns kept on returning back again and again. Therefore, she turned to homeopathy with the hope of a better result.

The corns were painful and were hampering her daily activities which required her to walk a lot.

After a detailed study and analysis of her case, she was given the homeopathic remedy Calcarea flourica with no relief. The remedy was later given in higher potency without much change.

Therefore, we re-took the case after Calcarea fluorica produced no visible positive changes. After detailed study and analysis this time, she was prescribed the homoeopathic remedy Antimonium Crudum.

With this remedy, her corns started reducing in size and her pain was significantly relieved.

We continued with her treatment for one year, since her complaints were of long-standing nature.

After 1 year, the corns completely subsided and she has had no recurrence ever since.