3 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment Completely Relieves 3 Years Of Recurrent Cold
A young child of just 11 years was saved from lifetime dependence on conventional treatments. Our homeopathic prescription relieved him of recurrent colds completely, without any side effects or residual harm.
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A chubby child of 11 years consulted us with complaints of severe cold since 2 days. He often suffered from similar complaints since 3 years and resorted each time to conventional treatment.

The mother narrated that as soon as the child had cold drinks, cold water, or ice cream, he would get sneezing, watering of eyes and profuse discharge from the nostrils within 4 hours.

The discharge was watery, thin, irritating with severe sneezing. There was irritation and tingling in nose. The complaints were worse in cold weather and better by hot drinks and hot water.

We prescribed an acute medicine Arsenic Iodatum 30. Within 8 hours, patient started recovering.

To complete the course of treatment, we prescribed the constitutional medicine to the child. He was under our treatment for 3 months and recovered completely with no side effects, no complications and no hint of recurrence.

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