5 Years of Suffering From Cold Swept Away With Homeopathy
A housewife suffering from recurrent colds since 5 years came to us in a frustrated state. Within a span of few months, we reduced her tendency to colds, headaches and sore throat, only with Homeopathy.
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38 year-old Mrs. H. consulted us complaining of recurrent episodes of sore throat and right-sided headache.

She was suffering since the past 5 years and would suffer from an episode every week! This meant that she suffered a minimum of 50 episodes in a year, and had had 250 such episodes till date!!!

All these times, she resorted to conventional medicines for treatment without any obvious relief.

Adding to her misery, she was a known case of Hypothyroid disease.

Her life situation dictated that she was a housewife whose nature was reserved and she was strongly attached to her family.

She was an emotionally sensitive woman who wept easily, but felt better when consoled.

She was very fond of music and was averse to being contradicted.

We carefully analyzed her case and prescribed the constitutional remedy Natrum muriaticum 200 and told her to follow up with us soon.

4 days later, she reported back, surprised that her headache had decreased so early in the course of treatment and so had the nasal secretion.

Over the months, the frequency and severity of her attacks decreased. As of now, she does not suffer more than 2 episodes in a year.