Homeopathy Brings Into Check A Severe Attack Of Acute Common Cold
Hill stations vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Not so for this 21 year old who came down with high fever and cold. But Homeopathy made sure her suffering was eliminated completely!
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A 21-year-old fair complexioned girl of medium built consulted us with complaints of cold and fever since 3 days. She had been to a hill station 4 days back and since then her troubles had begun.

She has paroxysmal episodes of sneezing especially in the morning that aggravated on exposure to cold air.

She had fever and her temperature had risen to 101 degree F. She reported of increased thirst for cold water.

On analyzing her complete history, we decided to begin treatment with an acute remedy. The remedy Hepar sulph was given in 30th potency was given and the girl was told to report after a day.

She reverted back saying her complaints were better by 30%. Within 2 days, she was free from her troubles and had resumed normal activities happily.