Homeopathy Brings A Child Out Of Recurrent Colds
A 5 year-old pre-school child with tendency to recurrent colds finally found enduring relief with Homeopathy. He could now have ice-creams and cold drinks without any fear of an attack of sneezing.
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This is an interesting case of Master B., a 5 year-old preschool child suffering from recurrent cold and cough since 1 year. Any change of weather, exposure to cold air and eating ice-creams would trigger an attack of cold that would get partially relieved after taking anti-histaminics.

He suffered 12 such attacks in just 6 months. With every attack, he developed fever. The attacks would take such a toll that he would become dull and listless.

Ultimately, his father consulted us for a more long-lasting treatment for his son.

Child was lean thin and fair in complexion. His father said that he easily mixes with people and gets excited easily.

He is sensitive by nature and needs company. He craves for cold food and drinks but they trigger his complaints. He is intelligent by nature and likes to be appreciated.

Considering his constitution and case history, we prescribed the remedy Phosphorus 200 and advised him to follow up with us after 15 days.

2 weeks later, the father happily reported that the next attack his son got was much less severe, and he recovered faster from the attack. This was a good sign! It meant that healing had begun.

With continued medication, over a period of few months, the attacks became less frequent and less severe and soon, gave up his conventional medicines.

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