Cases of Bronchial Asthma Cured with Homeopathy – Case 17
Now view Bronchial Asthma cases here and become aware of the scope of Homeopathy in Bronchial Asthma cure and treatment – See Case 17.
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In the patient's words:

I am fortunate to have taken treatment for my asthmatic problem from Dr. Shah. I completely believe and trust him with his knowledge and medicines.

Female Patient

Diagnosis: Bronchial Asthma

The patient had been suffering from Asthma since 1989. She was on Bronchodilators. In spite of all the treatment the attack was not under control since 3 months.

Her complaints were aggravated by dust, after eating, lying down on left side, after passing stools and warm drinks.

There was pain in the center of the back with the attack.

The patient had been suffering from hypertension since some years.

She said she comes from a very big family and she was the youngest and the most pampered child in the family. She was good at dancing and singing and won lot of prizes so was a favorite at home.

If somebody took away her toys she used to turn blue breath holding spells. Her sister says she hasn't matured with the age.

As a child she was afraid of Darkness, Cockroaches, Mouse and Lizard. She disliked animals.

She came from a very orthodox family so as she grew up her singing and dancing was not appreciated in the family so she said that she wasn't able to establish herself as a singer or a dancer so she feels bad about it sometimes.

She said if somebody opposes her to do something she will do that thing at any cost.

She was very dominating and impatient by nature. She married a boy from a different community and there was lot of opposition from both the families. They got married against their parents wish and after marriage there were lot of tensions. There were financial problems as husband was not earning a good salary and in laws were demanding dowry from her. They had said lot of bad things to her but husband has told her not to back answer his parents.

After this her father has made a will in which he had written that his daughters shouldn't receive anything from his property. She felt very bad that because of her getting married to somebody from a different caste her sisters had to suffer. Since then she had not got involved in any property matters.

The patient was very short tempered. When she was angry, she became very harsh. She used to get angry when her work is delayed or someone doesn't listen to her work. She couldn't tolerate contradiction. She also wanted all the things at home in a proper place and the house should be clean. She was very much revengeful.

She had cravings for sweets, Salty food, Cold drinks and Ice-cream. She had aversion for Sour things. She cannot tolerate heat she feels like running away.

She also had constipation. Her sleep was disturbed sometimes get dreams of snakes coming near her door.

On examination her throat was congested. There were multiple moles on her body with pigmentation on the face. She had bilateral ronchi.

She had very heavy menses with dark red in colour and flow was on 5th, 6th, 7th day.

Ultrasonography revealed an enlarged uterus with focal hypo echoic lesions in the fundus.

On the basis of symptoms, Pothos was given along with Magnesium mur. After regular treatment her complaints were gradually reduced and patient started feeling better.

Note: Please take professional guidance. Homoeopathy is individualistic. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in bronchial asthma cases .

Conclusion: On the basis of mental features, constipation, menstrual history and uterine complaints Mag mur was prescribed along with Pothos. This combination worked effectively and the patient started feeling better.

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