Cases of Bronchial Asthma Cured with Homeopathy – Case 11
Now view Bronchial Asthma cases here and become aware of the scope of Homeopathy in Bronchial Asthma cure and treatment – See Case 11.
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In the patient's words:

The homoeopathic medicines have helped my daughter to relieve her asthmatic problem. Now she is completely asthma free. I would like to thank Dr. Shah for his effective homeopathic treatment.

Female/ 2 yrs

Diagnosis: Bronchial asthma

A young female patient 2 yrs old reports with breathlessness.

Her chest was full of wet sounds i.e. rales on auscultation

There was marked flapping of alae nasi and rapid movement of abdominal muscles.

The child was crying in discomfort. Anxious Parents were requesting the homoeopathic doctor to relieve the patient as soon as possible.

On the basis of symptoms Ant. Tart is given every 4 hourly.

Within 6 hours patient was much better and never got any attack of breathlessness.

Note: Please take professional guidance. Homoeopathy is individualistic. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication for bronchial asthma cases .

Conclusion: It has been observed that whenever there is a virgin case it is always easy to manage and not only manage, but treat the case completely. If the drug picture coincides with acute expression, patients do get relieved in a shorter duration. Cases where not much of suppression is practiced is easy to treat as the disease picture expressed is original unmodified picture and it is very easy to get similimum and remedy can act better as vitality is high.

This is an idle case which demonstrates "How homeopathic treatment should work!"

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