Cases of Bronchial Asthma Cured with Homeopathy - Case 1
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In the patient's words:

Since I have started treatment at Speciality Clinic for bronchial asthma complaint, my attacks have reduced remarkably. The medicines have also helped me during an acute attack. I would like to thank Dr. Shah for his guidance.

Female/ 18 yrs
Diagnosis: Bronchial asthma

An 18 year old girl was brought to the clinic for complaints of Bronchial Asthma. When patient reported to us, she was having a very severe attack of Asthma.

She complained of breathlessness that was worse from cold drink, cold water, draft of air, monsoon, getting wet, at midnight. Her complaints were better during the dry climate and when traveling out of Mumbai. The complaints would also be relieved by taking warm drinks and tea. The cough was productive with white expectoration. The patient's peculiar features at the time of the Asthma attack were extreme anxiety and fear of death. She felt thirsty for little water at a time. She was feeling sensitive to cold and extremely restless due to the complaints. The patient also had complaints of cold with watery discharge from the nose and cracking of the joint accompanied by pain.

She had a normal appetite with liking for sweets, fast food and tea and was averse to eating vegetables. She would occasionally be constipated. Her sweat was profuse in the summers, especially in underarms.

Her sleep would be frequently disturbed due to the asthma attacks and due to thoughts on her mind. She would often dream of flying, water and God.

Her birth history was normal.

Birth weight: 8 pounds

Age of talking: 1 year

Age of teething: 8 months

Currently the patient was studying in the first year of college. She had 2 brothers and 1 sister. She was the second child in the family and was a very pampered one. During case taking the patient mentioned that she was in love with a boy since last 3 years they would meet frequently and was in a physical relation with that boy and had got pregnant once but she had aborted the fetus.

By nature she was very short tempered and would break things in anger. The patient had marked stage fright and was not be able to face the crowd. She would get very nervous when she would face the audience.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Arsenic Alb as the remedy for her acute complaints and Calcarea Fluor 200 as the constitutional remedy.

Initially her complaints got better with Arsenic Alb and this was followed by Calcarea flour 200. Later the potency was gradually increased to Calcarea flour 10M. This cured the patient and she is all right till date.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication for bronchial asthma cure.

Conclusion: An 18 year old asthmatic girl after taking homoeopathic medicine now fully enjoying her life without any fear of attacks. After thorough case history, medicine was given on the basis of acute complaints followed by constitutional remedy which relieved her from asthmatic trouble.

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