• Chalazion Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions

Some conditions which are more or less similar to Chalazion are -

  • chalazion related conditions
    Styes (Hordeolum): Styes are the conditions which are most similar to Chalazion. Styes are mostly caused by bacteria. Styes are infection of oil secreting glands of eyes and are mostly found at the edge of eyelid while Chalazion is inflammation of oily glands due to blockage and is mostly away from rim of eyelid. Styes are more painful condition.
  • Milia: These are tiny skin cells which form bumps around the eyes.
  • Xanthelasma: These are flat yellow deposits of fatty substances under the skin & around the eyes.
  • Sebaceous cell carcinoma: It is a rare, highly malignant tumour of the skin which most commonly occurs in the skin. Recurrent Chalazion is common here.
  • Acne Rosacea: There is general problem in the oil glands in patients of acne rosacea and when it affects the oil glands of eyelid it can cause Chalazion which is usually multiple and occurs repeatedly.
  • Skin Cancer: Very rarely skin cancer can cause repeated Chalazion.
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