Cases of Herpes Cured with Homeopathy - Case 1
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Herpes Case 1

In the words of the patient's mother:

The relief which my daughter had after starting Homeopathic treatment at Speciality Clinic for herpes cure is immense. She had been suffering since a very small age. I would like to thank Dr Shah and his team of doctors for good job and giving relief to my child.

Female/ 10 years
Diagnosis: Oral Herpes (Herpes Simplex)

Miss N.M., 10 year old girl was brought to the clinic with complaints of recurrent herpetic eruptions in the mouth. She had this complaint since the age of 6 months. She would get these eruptions in month on and off except in the monsoon. Earlier, it had not been diagnosed as Herpes Simplex; instead she had been given vitamin B tablets considering it to be Aphthous sores.

She complained of pain while eating. These eruptions used to come suddenly and stay for some time.

Personal data:
Height - 4.4"
Weight - 31 kg
Complexion - fair complexion
Thirst - reduced to 1 litre in a day, sips of water at a time
Thermal - over all feels hot, does not take covers
Bowels - Constipated
Perspiration - Palms
Mile stones:
Birth weight - 7 pounds
Age of walking - 10 months
Age of talking - 6 - 7 months

She was very stubborn by nature, would want things to be done her way. If not, she would get angry and would scream when consoled. In anger, she would feel like throwing her brother; she would bang her foot and hit her brother. Earlier she used to go and sit in a corner when angry.

Fear of darkness was a noted symptom. She would occasionally get bad dreams at night and would wake up due to such dreams.

She loved animals and wanted to have a dog. Sharing her toys with her friends was very much in her nature. She hated red color and loved smell of perfumes, petrol and Vicks. The habit of sucking her thumb had been persistent since 3 months of age until she reached the second standard. She would get hurt easily and often had mood swings.

Personal history:

Diet - Vegetarian

Craving - Ladyfingers, junk food, chocolates, bricks, cream, spicy food, sour food, pickles, salt

She was sensitive to heat in general and would be more comfortable in the cold climate.

She would occasionally be constipated.

Her mother had suffered from Herpes and father had complaints of Migraine.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Merc.I.F and Merc.I.R. and was called after 1 week to assess her response. She had shown remarkable recovery; her pain was less and overall she was feeling better. Next, she was seen after 3 weeks; she had a mild relapse of pain this time and the medicines were repeated. Over the next few weeks, she kept on improving and her lesions were healing. In a span of 5 months the lesions had healed completely, there was no pain and she was now a much calmer child. Till date, her complaints have not relapsed.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in herpes cases.

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