A middle aged man gets cured of his warts and asthma with homeopathic medicines
A middle aged man seeks homeopathic consultation for his large pedenculated warts on scalp, whilst he also had complaints of breathlessness. To his delight he gets treated not only for his warts, but also for his breathlessness.
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Mr. S.K. a 35years old man visits a homeopath with complaints of warts on the scalp. There are 2 warts, which are large and pedenculated, located on the vertex and occiput region.

2 weeks back he got wet in the rains and started with

  • Suffocated feeling with desire to take deep breaths with whistling sounds on breathing.
  • Complaints would get worse on getting wet and inhaling smoke.
  • Complaints were relieved by drinking hot tea, hot fomentation to the chest and taking allopathic (conventional) medicines.

On auscultation ronchi was heard over his chest.

Since 5-6 years he would develop sinusitis each time when it rains or he gets wet, wherein he complains of nose block, hoarseness of voice and pain in the frontal sinuses.

He has history of getting affected with malaria twice and surgery on the frontal sinus.

In his family his sister has breast cancer whereas his brother has cancer of tongue. His father expired in a heart attack.

He was prescribed homoeopathic medicine Dulcamara. This remedy not only kept his asthma under control, but also acted on his warts which gradually reduced in size and then fell off. Thus he gets double bonanza from his treatment with homoeopathic medicines.

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