Homeopathy leaves a new mark in veterinary skin treatment, as it endeavors to treat bovine warts, leaving nothing but clear skin.
A cross bred cow with multiple warts reoccurred after been surgically removed. She is been treated with Homeopathy, which leaves nothing but clear skin behind. Thus Homeopathy leaves a new mark in treating veterinary skin ailments.
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A 3 years old cross bred cow with black and white patches was seen in February 2013, wherein the warts on the udder and inner side of hind legs, in all 3 in number were surgically got rid of. 2 months later she comes with increased warts especially on the udder which had bunches of warts, thus she had hard and horny warts over soft parts.

Her presentation was analyzed, and she was prescribed Thuja 200 initially, it stopped the further growth of warts. Later on she was given Antim crudum with which the warts dried up slightly. Finally she was given Carcinosin 30, after which results were obtained in about 40 days, wherein all the warts fell off and the area was totally clear.

Thus Homeopathy endeavors to treat bovine warts successfully, leaving behind nothing but clear skin. It thus leaves a new mark in veterinary skin treatment.