MNC manager liberated from her chronic problems of uterine fibroids and mental irascibility!
Backache, leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) and heavy menstrual bleeding were the chief manifestations of fibroids in this 40 year old lady. Homeopathic treatment with Welcome Cure helps her out of all her problems.
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40 year old lady, a manager at MNC, suffered from low backache which increased menses and felt better with hot fomentation and pressure. She also had white vaginal discharge increased. Backache was very prominent even during leucorrhoea. She also suffered from heaviness of breast before menses and they were painful to touch. Menses were early and prolonged for 7-8 days.

She was diagnosed with uterine fibroids since 2-3 years and had been taking other medicines on and off for her problems. Mentally, the patient confessed to be having a lot of mood swings, she would get irritated very easily and was very oversensitive to everything around her. She would often fight with her own family who cared for her. She said she also needed some medicines to calm her and be in control of her emotions.

As versatile homeopathy is, so was the prescription of Kali Carb that was given to her. Within 6 months of regular treatment, her physical symptoms of backache, vaginal discharge and heavy menses had reduced considerably. She was also feeling very peaceful and fresh mentally. She was much in control of her anger and irritability. Homeopathy is definitely proven all round treatment of choice for all ailments.

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