A Case of Uterine Myoma (Tumor) Relieved with Homeopathy
A lady suffering from uterine tumors, with heavy and painful periods got relieved with Homeopathy. Homeopathy also saved her from surgery that was initially recommended to her.
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Mrs. JPJ, a 40 year-old lady patient came with chief complaint of tumors in uterus.

She complained of intense nausea during menses. She also had severe pain in thighs, that would get worse during menses. She also had pain in lower back, during periods, which is heavy and painful.

She also suffered from abdominal discomfort, bloating, painful defecation and backache. Her frequency of passing urine also increased.

Her thirst increased. She now consumes more water than before. She likes to eat lime, slate pencils, earth clay, and chalk.

Mentally she had history of disappointment in love. Her complaints get worse by indignation (anger due to something done wrong or unjust) and death of loved ones.

On the basis of severity of the condition and after considering all her symptoms she was prescribed homeopathic medicine Conium Mac and Calc. Flour

She got complete relief after taking medicines regularly. So homeopathic treatment not only relieved a case of uterine tumor but also averted impending surgery.

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